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Stock may be acquired at the Annual Breed Sale or direct from breeders.

Please contact the Breed Secretary for further assistance, such as a list of breeders, membership details, and any other information.

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Dorset Down 2023 ram breeders list

Why you should use a Dorset Down?

Superior converter of energy, requiring minimal inputs to produce export quality, early maturing lamb.

  • High growth rates to E U R at 2-3 L at 18 kg carcase weight. Lambs will be finished at these specifications from 10 weeks.
  • Can be used on Hill and Half-bred ewes with confidence, while difficult lambing cases can be eliminated.
  • Ideal for extensive and organic farming systems, as well as conservation managed land.
  • Stands up to weather conditions in any part of the British Isles.
  • Crossed with the Half-bred ewe, lambs can be brought up to heavier weights for the store trade and still remain lean.
  • Docile and biddable.